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Coast Mirror Provides Wholesale and Retail

Mirrors, Glass, Shower Doors, Tub Enclosures, Resilvering, Beveling, Hand Etching, Table Tops, Antique Mirrors, Curved Glass, Mirror Walls, Security Glass, Furniture Tops, Frames

We ship anywhere!

Vintage Photos from the 1950's

Our Mirrors are in Bend's Gypsy Vans

Our Mirrors are inside the Gypsy Vans in Bend, Oregon. These vans were commisioned in England, and created by Wally Roth in Bend, Oregon. These are fully functional, authentic recreations of Gypsy Vans. More at

Contact Us

Phone: 503-287-1236
Fax: 503-287-8910
1732 NE 2nd (off N.E. Broadway), Portland, OR 97212

Our Customers

•Local Newscasters
•Trailer Blazers
•Actors from the movie "The Hunted" filmed in Oregon
•Movies renting glass and mirrors
•Gypsy Vans in Bend, Oregon


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